FAQs visibility on web pages can be controlled by adding tags to them. 

When you create a new FAQ category, you can associate it with tags and use those tags as parameters in the Freshchat code snippet to display only a set of categories on different web pages. This helps you decide what works where and give visitors and users the unique context they need on every page. 

Each FAQ can be tagged to a set of keywords. Tags can be used to filter FAQs and directly launch a specific FAQ or a list of FAQs. For example, 'login' would act as a keyword to an FAQ that helps troubleshoot login issues. 

On the app, the developer can add a button which will have a link to launch FAQs. The admin sets it with filter = login, that is, filtering all login related FAQ. That way, only that specific FAQ will show up.

Adding a Tag to a FAQ

While creating the FAQ, add the tag that is closely related to this FAQ, in the 'Tags' field.


  • An FAQ can have multiple tags. In case the tag has already been used, it appears in the dropdown list of already used tag names. If the tag doesn’t exist and is being used for the first time, it doesn't show up in the list of tags. A new tag is created and can be used later to tag another related article.

Tags added by admins won't be visible to end-users. There are no limits to the number of tags an admin can create.

Filtering FAQ by Tags

To filter and display only FAQs tagged with a specific term, use the filterByTags option in FAQ Options instance passed to showFAQs() API as below.

Example: To link to FAQs related to login issues, those specific FAQs can be tagged with the term "Login" and can be linked from Payments page in the app.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 5.46.48 PM.png

Code samples for Android

List<String> tags = new ArrayList<>();
FaqOptions faqOptions = new FaqOptions().filterByTags(tags, "Login Issues");
Freshchat.showFAQs(MainActivity.this, faqOptions);

Code sample for iOS

FAQOptions *options = [FAQOptions new];
[options filterByTags : @[ @"login"] withTitle:@"Login Issues"];
[[Freshchat sharedInstance]showFAQs:self withOptions:options];

Code sample for web widget

  window.fcWidgetMessengerConfig = {
    // Setting FAQ Tags in the object below.
    faqTags : {
      // Array of Tags
      tags : ['paidusers'],
      //For articles, the below value should be article.
      //For article category, the below value should be category.
      filterType:'category' //Or filterType: 'article'
<script src='//fw-cdn.com/1*****7/2*****4.js' chat='true'></script>

Note: The list of tags need to be entered only in lowercase.