For businesses that want to cut costs or own a very small sales team, you can try out the Free plan 

To enable the Free plan,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Plans and Billing. You can find the details of your current plans such as:

    1. Your current plan

    2. Number of Agents

    3. Number of Add Ons

    4. Billing period

    5. Billing Amount

  2. You can also find the details of your Phone credits, active add-ons, and payment information.

  3. Under Plan click Change Plan. Scroll down on the My subscription page and click Continue. A table with all the plans and the related features appears.

  1. Scroll down and click Choose Plan under Free.

  1. You will receive a pop-up message that shows the features and add-ons that you will lose on downgrade. Click Confirm.

  1. The updated billing information appears.

Click here to know the features you will lose on downgrading to the free plan.