If you’re expanding your sales or marketing team and need to increase the number of users in your current plan, you can do so. On the other hand, if you have fewer users who actively use your account, you can decrease the number of users.

You will need to be an Account Admin to perform these actions. If not please reach out to your admin and they can help you with the process.

Here’s how you modify the user license count in your account,

1. Go to Admin Settings > Account Settings > Plans and Billing. You can find the details of your current plans such as:

  1. Your current plan

  2. Number of Agents

  3. Active add-ons

  4. Billing period

  5. Billing Amount

  6. Phone credits

  7. Payment informaiton

2. Click on Edit near "Plans and Users" and your Manage plan page would pop up.

3. In the text box under USERS enter the number of users. The billing amount will change accordingly.

4. Scroll down and click Continue.

5. In the Order Summary page, fill your card details and billing information.

6. Click Subscribe.

Note: Once you've added a new license, you can add a new agent/user to your account by navigating to Admin Settings > Teams & Territories > Users

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