Your account's plan doesn't always have to be set in stone. You can upgrade your subscription if you need to interface with more applications or add more users to your account. Similarly, you are free to downgrade your plan to the one that best suits your needs if you have a small sales or marketing staff and are happy with the features you now have.

To modify your existing plan,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Account Settings > Plans and Billing.

  1. In the All Subscriptions page, under Plan Details, click on the Edit button near Plan and Users


  1. In the Manage plan page appears, click on Change plan.

  1. Click Buy Plan under the plan of your choice.

  1. The new plan appears with a breakup of the billing amount based on the number of users. You can also find the total cost breakup including add-ons on the right.

  1. Click Update Subscription. If you are downgrading, you will receive a pop-up message that shows the features and add-ons that you will lose on downgrade. Click Confirm Plan Switch.

  2. The updated billing information appears with a success message on the top.

1) When you downgrade your plan, data associated with features in your current plan would be lost if the same features aren’t available in your new plan.

2) On downgrading the number of users, the changes do not reflect until the end of the payment cycle. Charges will be applied until the cycle ends.

For eg., If you have paid till the end of Q2 but would like to reduce the number of users to 5 from 10 midway through the quarter, the number of users will be reduced. However, the charges will remain till the end of Q2 for 10 users.

3) Once the cycle ends, however, you will be charged again pro-rata i.e based on the number of users.