The accounts module comes with a set of associated default fields. In addition to these, one can include additional information about the account such as Company Acquisitions, Date of IPO, net worth, etc through custom fields.

To access the accounts module and modify the fields present, navigate to Admin settings > Leads, Contacts & Accounts > Accounts.

Basic Information

This group includes all the default account fields that can be filled in manually through account forms, during import, or automatically using the CRM Code library. The custom fields can be filled in manually through the account forms or during import.

Here’s the list of default fields. 

Field Name



Name of the company

Eg: Acme


Website of the company



Phone number of the company

Eg: (473)-160-8261

Annual Revenue

Company’s annual revenue

Eg: $500000


Company’s address (Auto enriched)

Eg: 604-5854 Beckford St.


Facebook username (Auto enriched)


LinkedIn username (Auto enriched)


Twitter username (Auto enriched)

Sales Owner

The user assigned to the account

Industry type

The industry the company belongs to

Eg: Automobile

Business type

The type of the company’s business with respect to yours.

Eg: Customer

Number of employees

Company’s employee count

Eg: 201-500


The territory the account belongs to


Parent Account

Root account of which the account is a part of

Note: Available only in Pro and above.


Tags that are associated with the account


Eg: Brisbane


Eg: California


Eg: 4030



Last contacted time

Date when the account was last contacted

Last contacted mode

Medium through which account was last contacted. Eg.Phone, Chat, Email

Last activity type

Most recent activity performed on the account. Eg: Task, Meeting, Call log, etc.

Last activity date

Date when the most recent activity was performed on the account

Active sales sequences

Sales sequences of which the account is still a part of

Note: Available only in Growth and above.

Completed sales sequences

Sales sequences which have successfully run for the account

Note: Available only in Growth and above.

Recent note

Most recent note added on the account

Created by

User who created the account

Created at

Date when the user created the account

Updated by

User who updated the account

Updated at

Date when the account was updated

Last assigned at

Date when the most recent user was assigned this account

To customize existing account fields,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Leads, Contacts, & Accounts > Accounts 

  2. Look for the account field that you would like to edit via the search bar on the Settings page. If this is a dependent field, you will be able to view the controlling field like the below:

  3. In the EDIT FIELD overlay,

    1. You can edit the Field Label, and add a Tooltip and Placeholder text. The Internal Name, and Field type, however, cannot be edited. 

    2. You can configure the field properties such as making it a required field, read-only field, unique field, and also opt to display the field in the quick add form which is the form that you fill in when you add a new account.

  1. You can also click on Add dependent field under field properties for drop-down fields to set up field dependency.

  2. Click Save.

Learn more about creating custom fields for accounts.