When you connect your email, you can automatically associate them with the related contacts in Freshworks CRM. This helps you track email conversations with all your prospects from one place. 

After you connect your email, all incoming emails are scanned and only those email addresses that belong to contacts are fetched and attached to the corresponding records. If you want to create contacts every time you receive an email from a new address,

  1. Click the Profile icon > Settings > EMAIL SETTINGS.

  2. Enable Auto create Contacts from emails checkbox.

To connect your email,

  1. Click the Profile icon > Connect email.

  2. Based on the email you use - Gmail/Microsoft Office 365/Zoho mail, click the Connect button of the respective icons. 

Gmail: You are directed to the gmail sign-in page. Click Allow to grant a set of access permissions to Freshworks CRM.

Microsoft Office 365 or Zoho mail: The respective mailbox overlay appears with the IMAP and SMTP server name and port number already filled in. Type in your email and password and click Save.

Note: Sometimes while trying to connect your mailbox, the password credentials you enter may fail. One common reason is 'Two-factor Authentication'.

To solve this:

1. Check if you have enabled two-factor authentication for your email.

2. If so, generate a unique password for Freshworks CRM and then try using the new password to login.

This is specific to each email server. Refer the links below if your server is:

Zoho mail 

Office 365


 3. If you use a private IMAP server, click the Others icon. Enter your email, password, IMAP and SMTP server nameport number and click Save.


If you have  reset your password or revoked the access permissions of your email account, Freshworks CRM stops receiving emails from your mailbox. 

To reconnect your email, 

  1. Click Edit. You would be prompted to enter your email address and password. 

  2. After you’ve entered the right email credentials, click Connect.


If you want to connect the account of a different email service, click Edit, choose the email service, enter your email credentials and click Connect. If you want to disconnect your email account permanently to stop receiving emails via IMAP, click the Delete icon. Upon confirmation, the current configuration for your email account is deleted.  


To improve your email deliverability (reduce bounce rate) you need to configure your SMTP settings. To do so,

1. Click 'Edit SMTP' to choose the email server from which your emails have to be sent.

2. For better deliverability, use your email domain's SMTP server to send emails.

3. If you want to use Freshworks CRM to send your emails, choose the 'Use Freshworks CRM SMTP server to send emails' button. Additionally, you need to configure SPF and DKIM records too.

These are a few email enhancements that makes your work more productive:

  • Conversation sync: Emails received are automatically associated with the related records of the contact in Freshworks CRM, helping you track all conversations related to your prospect.

  • Calendar sync: Your calendar is synced with Freshworks CRM once your mailbox is connected.

  • Intelligent mapping: All incoming emails are scanned and only those that belong to contacts are fetched and attached to the corresponding records.

  • All incoming emails go directly to your Freshworks CRM Inbox. Go to Conversations > Email > Inbox to view your inbox.