If you are unable to connect to Freshworks CRM using your Google account, you can reset or change your password from the Freshworks CRM login screen or from within the application.


Reset your password from the login screen

  1. In the login screen of your Freshworks CRM account, click the Forgot Password? link.
  2. Enter the email address that you use to sign into Freshworks CRM and click Reset Password. You will see a success message confirming that an email with password reset instructions was sent to the email address provided by you.
  3. Go to your mailbox and open the Password Reset Instructions email sent from support@freshworks.com.
  4. Click the link provided in the email. 
  5. In the Freshworks CRM password reset page, enter your new password and re-enter the same password in the Confirm new password field. Ensure your password adheres to the password policy. Make sure the password adheres to the password policy set by the Admin.
  6. Click Reset Password.

After your password is reset, you will be redirected back to the login screen to log into your account using your new password. 

Change your password from within Freshworks CRM

  1. On your Freshworks CRM account, in your Dashboard, you will see ‘Edit Profile’. Click on it.
  2. Under the ‘Security’ section, you can change your password. Type in your old password ( If you don’t remember it, logout and click the Forgot Password? link and follow the instructions given above) Type in your new password and type it again in the Confirm new password text box to confirm it. 
  3. Click Save

 You can log into your account using your new password.