The Caller widget in Customer Service Suite (CSS) is designed to streamline communication by offering both conversation and ticketing functionalities. This versatile widget adapts to the specific permissions granted to a user within CSS, ensuring a customized and efficient interface.

Key Features of the Phone Widget

Ticketing and Conversations: The widget displays options related to conversations and ticketing for viewing and creation.

Permission-based functionalities: Depending on the permissions assigned to a user, the widget may show conversation options, ticketing options, or both. This ensures that users only see the features relevant to their role and permissions.

Conversation and Ticketing Options

Conversational Support: Users with the appropriate permissions can access the "View Conversation" option related to the phone call to engage in direct communication with customers.

Ticketing Support: For managing customer issues, the widget provides "Create Ticket," "Link Ticket," and "View Ticket" options. With these options, agents can create, view or link a ticket with a phone call.

Permission-Based Access

Ticketing Permissions: Users without the "Manage Ticketing" permission in the CRM will not see ticketing-related options. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive ticketing functions.

Conversation Permissions: Similarly, users lacking the "Manage Agent Inbox" permission will not have access to conversation-related options, maintaining the integrity of customer communications.