What is the Freshsales add-on?

You will be able to purchase Freshsales as as an add-on to your Freshworks Customer Service Suite account. This will help you capture deals, quotes, and more in your account. In addition to customer support, this add-on will enable you to capture deal details, schedule campaigns, and more within a single interface. This will help agents be more productive as they don’t have to switch between apps to update deal details, support ticket details, and more. This offering will help you empower your agents with complete customer context as they traverse through their evaluation-purchase cycle.

With the Freshsales add-on to the Suite, you -

  • Get an all-in-one solution with which you can address all your Support+Sales needs
  • Can empower agents with complete customer context from deal start to finish and even post-purchase
  • Can enable agents to be more productive as they don’t have to switch between multiple apps to update deal details/provide support

How to purchase the Freshsales add-on

  • Go to the Account and Billing section under Admin settings
  • Click on Plans and Billing and go to Manage plan
  • Click the Freshsales agent add-on, input the number of users, and continue

  • The maximum number of seats you can purchase is the number of CSS plan licenses that you have 
  • The minimum number of seats you need to purchase is the number of account admins in your account
  • The Freshsales add-on version availability is dependent on the plan of the Suite you're on
    • For example, if you're on the Pro plan of the Suite, then you can enable the Freshsales Pro add-on only

How to start using the Freshsales add-on

You can attach the Freshsales licenses purchased to various roles. New default roles will be available in your account once you purchase the add-on. These are: 

  • Sales User
  • Sales Manager
  • Restricted User

The above default sales roles will have the sales license automatically attached to them.

To assign users to these roles:

  • Go to Admin → Team management → Roles
  • Click on ‘Assign User’ and add users as required

  • You can also create new custom roles and assign the purchased licenses to these roles.

Creating new deals and quotes:

  • Once you have assigned the licenses to agent roles, they can start creating deals and quotes within the Suite
  • Click on the Deals icon in the left nav bar and start creating or updating deals

  • Enter the deal details. Click on Show all fields to view custom fields.

  • You can create a new contact right from the Add deal form. Enter the name of the new contact and click Create new Contact. In the window that opens up, enter contact details and click Add.
  • Click on Add products to select from the dropdown. Once you add products to the deal, the Deal value is automatically calculated based on the Price, Quantity, and Discount.

  • To create a new product, click on Add products 
  • Give it a name, and click on Create new product
  • Fill in the product details and click Add
  • Click Save once you're done

Configure, Price, Quote:

  • Go to Admin → Configuration and Workflows → CPQ settings

  • Refer to this article to understand how to create Quotes and add them to Documents. 

Contact scoring:

  • Go to Admin settings → Self-service and AI → Contact Scoring
  • Refer to this article to understand contact scoring and how to set it up

Note: The support agents' experience remains unaffected by this addon, and you can ensure that both support and sales agents can work in tandem without any issues.