Sentiment analysis leverages AI-powered prediction to assess the emotional tone and attitude expressed in customer interactions. This process offers insights into customer sentiments, enabling real-time monitoring, and timely interventions to improve customer experiences and prevent churn. 

In sentiment analysis, the expressed sentiment is indicated by displaying current sentiment, which can be categorized as positive, negative, or neutral.

Benefits of using Sentiment Analysis

Prioritization of tickets: Sentiment analysis enables support agents to prioritize customer issues that are likely to escalate, facilitating prompt resolution of customer concerns. This approach allows for the prioritization of support tickets based on sentiment, helping teams address urgent issues first and allocate resources effectively.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: By understanding and addressing customer sentiments in real time, businesses can improve their support, leading to higher customer satisfaction levels.

Customer Churn Reduction: Real-time monitoring of sentiment helps businesses identify at-risk customers and take proactive measures to retain them, reducing customer churn.

Sentiment analysis assists different user roles, with each benefiting from its unique features and advantages.

Agents: Agents can view the current sentiment for each ticket from the inbox. They can filter tickets by sentiment, and sort tickets in increasing or decreasing order of sentiment associated with each ticket.

It empowers agents to assess and make suitable decisions. Even when a ticket is categorized as medium or low priority, if the current customer sentiment is negative, it prompts agents to prioritize addressing the customer's emotional state. Conversely, if a high-priority ticket currently displays positive sentiment, agents may choose to focus on other tickets with more urgent priorities. The goal is to enable agents to make decisions based on the current sentiment of interactions, in addition to ticket priorities.



How to enable or disable the feature from the admin panel?

1. Go to the admin settings 

2. Scroll down to find the Freddy icon.

3. Click on the Freddy icon to open the list of AI features available.

4. Choose the specific feature you want to enable or disable.

5. Toggle the switch to the right to enable the feature or to the left to disable it.

How to use Sentiment Analysis?

For Agents : The goal of the agents is to monitor and avert sentiments in real-time to prevent escalations

Step 1Login to your Freshdesk account


Step 2Access Ticket List: After logging in, you will see a list of tickets, each tagged with its respective sentiment.

Step 3: Prioritization Based on Sentiment: Consider the customer sentiment for each ticket, even if it's categorized as medium or low priority. If the current customer sentiment is negative, you can prioritize addressing the customer's sentiment  state. Conversely, if a high-priority ticket currently displays positive sentiment, you can consider focusing on other high-priority tickets with more urgent needs.

Step 4Filter/Sort by Sentiment: Agents have the option to filter or sort  tickets by sentiment, such as positive, neutral, or negative. Additionally, agents can filter or sort for tickets that require urgent attention.

Step 5Address High Negative Sentiment and High Priority: Identify tickets with both high negative sentiment and high priority. Directly access the email  related to such tickets to address the customer's query and concerns.

Step 6Monitor Sentiment in Customer email

In the email message content, pay attention to the negative sentiment expressed by the customer. This sentiment will be clearly visible on the top portion of the inbox next to the subject line.

Step 7: Provide Updates and Monitor Sentiment Changes

 After providing an update or resolution, observe how the customer reacts.

If the customer acknowledges the response in a way that suggests a change in sentiment, it may transition from negative to neutral or even positive.

By following these steps, you can effectively utilize Sentiment Analysis to prioritize and address customer sentiment in your support interactions, leading to improved customer experiences and issue resolution.


This feature is currently available as an add-on for Freddy Copilot. Interested customers on Pro and Enterprise plans can reach out to their account managers or navigate to their respective billings pages to purchase the add-on.

*The enablement of optional functionality is subject to certain feature-specific terms and conditions set forth in the Freshworks Supplemental Terms.