Step into the future of seamless customer support as we explore the differences between the conventional Omnichannel system and the groundbreaking innovation: Customer Service Suite.

Primary Interface

In an Omnichannel setup, Freshdesk serves as the central interface, seamlessly integrating with Freshchat and offering built-in support for Freshcaller. Within the Customer Service Suite, agents primarily use Freshchat as the interface, with Freshdesk integrated natively, and Freshcaller available as a paid add-on.



Omnichannel dashboard 

Omnichannel contains metrics across Freshdesk, Freshchat and Freshcaller. Data is presented as widgets in a listed format.

Customer Service Suite Dashboard 

Embrace the future standard! Customer Service Suite offers a visually intuitive data representation, allowing you to quickly grasp support team performance trends at a glance. Learn more

Knowledge Base dashboard is available as a curated report (Analytics module) in Customer Service Suite


Analytics in Omnichannel

Features a collection of 27+ curated reports. These reports encompass both standalone product reports and omnichannel reports, which include data from all available channels.

However, for bot-specific reports, you'll need to access them separately in the Freshchat reports section.

Analytics in Customer Service Suite 

With 13 pre-built reports, Analytics in Customer Service Suite is designed to address common conversational and ticketing requirements. You can also create custom reports of your choice and drill down into specific data that you want to view.

Enter the realm of Freddy—a miniature search engine within Analytics. Want to retrieve specific information from Analytics? Just Ask Freddy! Learn more

In addition, you also get the Marketing and Campaign Analytics.

Agents and Roles

Agents in Omnichannel by default have access to Freshdesk. Admins can also restrict access to phone and chat.

With Customer Service Suite, agents by default will have access to Freshchat but Admins can disable the capability to handle tickets and phone calls.

List View

List View in Omnichannel

The contact list view in Omnichannel includes filters to quickly drill down into specific data.

Spark UI in Customer Service Suite

Prepare for a productivity surge! Customer Service Suite comes with a Spark UI experience, an easier, simpler, and faster, way to work with Contacts and Accounts. Spark UI  boosts agent productivity and gives a holistic view of all your contacts. Learn more

The view includes:

  1. Love the spreadsheet experience? Get a spreadsheet-like experience with the Table View

  2. Need additional information about a Contact but don’t want to switch tabs? We’ve got you covered! The Contact Summary view  helps you with additional information about a Contact right from the list page!

  3. Create filters and save them as tabs. Feel free to share them with your team or with specific agents!

  4. Whether you’re an agent seeking streamlined insights or an admin trying to enhance support efficiency, the Kanban or Card View lets you you group Contacts based on lifecycle stage, territory, source, sales owner and more fields! 

Note: You can customize columns or card fields from a user or admin level.

Additional features in Customer Service Suite

1. Customer Journeys

Reach out to your customers for order confirmation, promotional messages across platforms like email and WhatsApp.

2. CSAT for social media channels

Engage customers through CSAT surveys across WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, amplifying your reach.

3. Chat conversation Properties

Categorize chats similar to Freshdesk tickets, enhancing organization and swift resolution.

4. Internal tasks and threads

Foster collaborative resolution! Agents seamlessly collaborate with colleagues during chat interactions for expedited resolutions.

5. Easy identification of customers

Synced contact and company information between Freshdesk and Freshchat ensure effortless access, irrespective of working on conversations or tickets.

6. Channel Switcher

Empower agents to seamlessly switch response channels, currently supporting Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Widget responses.

7. Ticket Creation from Calls

1) During migration from Omnichannel to Customer Service Suite, you won't be able to create tickets from phone calls.

2) In Omnichannel, tickets will be created automatically for voicemail, abandoned, and missed calls. In Customer Service Suite, by default tickets will not be created for voicemail, abandoned and missed calls. Tickets will be created for calls handled in the Freshdesk widget automatically when notes are added for the call.
To create tickets for all types of calls automatically, Go to Admin Settings > Marketplace and Integrations > Conversation Integrations > Freshdesk > Preferences > and toggle on Convert all phone conversations to tickets

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