This article outlines the benefits of upgrading to the latest version of Freshcaller.


New Conversational Experience

With the team inbox module, view all customer conversations in one place. You can switch between the default views, or create a custom view of your choice, sort conversations, and get quick context about the customer before every interaction.

What you get from the new chat inbox:

  1. Custom Views - Stay on top of conversations that matter with Custom Views

  1. Sort Conversations - Prioritize your replies by sorting conversations by the type of response due

  1. Quick Context - Get all the context you need about the customer

  1. Rich media text and replies - Compose rich media texts and replies

  1. Conversation labels - Add labels to the conversations once you label them. Existing call tags will be migrated as conversation labels. Click here to learn more

Enhanced Call Widget

The upgraded call widget comes with a refreshing new UI. You can also add notes during the call.

Move to the team inbox from the widget to view the conversation

Spark UI for Contacts and Accounts

With Spark UI for Contacts, experience a holistic way of viewing and managing your Contacts and Accounts. You get a spreadsheet-like experience to quickly take action on your records.

  1. Add and Import Contacts - You can add Contacts manually or import them in bulk. Click the dropdown under Import contacts and select Import history to view the status of the import.

  1. Views - All the Contacts in your Freshcaller account will show up under the All Contacts view. You can switch between other default views and also create custom views of your choice. Click the + <number of views> more + Add new view

  1. Filter and sort - Filter and sort records to narrow your search faster. You can use Contact/Account fields (based on the module you are on) to filter records and use the sort option under each column to arrange the records in an ascending or descending manner. 

  1. Compact and comfortable Views - Compact view arranges records more closely so you can view multiple records at one-go. Comfortable view arranges records in a more distant manner. Use the switcher to switch between both the views.

  1. Bulk actions - Select 2 or more records to take bulk actions on your records. You can also click on the Bulk actions button and perform the following bulk actions:

    1. Delete

    2. Update field

    3. Assign to

    4. Merge

Click Cancel bulk selection to cancel the bulk selection

  1. Quick actions - Hover on Contacts/Accounts to perform quick actions like placing a call, adding a note/task. You can also click the ellipsis button to perform additional actions in just a click.

  1. Customer and Account 360 View - Hover on a Contact/Account and click the expand icon to land on the Customer 360 page to get a holistic view of all Contact/Account information.

Improved Admin Interface

The admin interface comes with additional capabilities apart from Phone settings like:

  1. Chat Settings

  2. Modules and Fields

  3. Marketplace and Integrations

  4. Users and Permissions

Note: In the previous version of Freshcaller, both Admins and Agents could access call metrics, while in the current or latest version, only Admins can access call metrics