1. Can I create deals when a customer places an order with the product details?

    Order events captured through Shopify integration are automatically synced and updated in real time. These events can be viewed in 
    1. Activity timeline and
    2. Shopify tab, where you can filter and view the orders placed at the contact level. 

    Although deal management is not directly integrated with Shopify, you can manually create deals in Freshsales and link them to the corresponding Shopify order using the order number as a reference. This allows you to track the progress of deals and associated revenue from Shopify orders.

  1. Can I post on Instagram and Facebook to promote Shopify products?

Currently, this functionality is not available. However, you can connect your Instagram DM and Facebook Page Messenger with your account to communicate with your customers and prospects.

  1. What is the difference between Order Fulfilled and Order Placed?

These are Shopify order statuses. "Order Placed" status means that the order has been placed by the customer, but it has not been processed yet. On the other hand, the "Order Fulfilled" status means that the order has been processed and shipped to the customer.

  1. How can I identify if the Shopify contact sync has been completed and switched to real-time sync?

The Shopify and your CRM account sync happen in real time. When a user sets up the integration between their Shopify store and their Freshmarketer or Freshsales Suite account, customer data and order events are automatically synced and updated in real-time instantaneously.
Users can also navigate to Admin Settings> E-Commerce Settings > Shopify App Settings to view the historical sync stats. 

It shows the sync completed on timestamp with #contacts & #order synced details. 

       5. How can I cancel and refund using Shopify app?

With the Shopify integration, you can use the Shopify Bot templates to automate the track order, refund, and cancellation processes. The Shopify bot template covers five common use cases across e-commerce businesses, including. 

  1. Track order, 

  2. Order cancellation, 

  3. Order refund, 

  4. Shop Products, 

  5. Payment issues, and 

  6. Other queries.

For Order cancellation, the bot will cancel the order and trigger a refund to the customer, depending on the order's payment status. If the order has been paid for, the flow will cancel the order and refund the amount to the customer.

To automate the refund process for eligible orders, you can use the Order refund flow. This flow will list all the orders eligible for a refund, and once triggered, the amount will be refunded to the customer.

Furthermore, if the inquiry is addressed by a live agent, the agent can perform the same task through the Team Inbox interface without the need to navigate to Shopify.

    6.   Will I receive a notification if my Shopify sync stops?

An email will be sent to the account admin if the Freshmarketer app is deleted from Shopify. You can check the status of your sync by navigating to Admin Settings> E-Commerce Settings > Shopify App Settings page. Once the sync is complete, you will see a message displayed that indicates that the sync is complete.