Facing issues while syncing your contacts while integrating your Shopify store with the web application? This article will help you identify the underlying errors and how to rectify them.


Download skipped contacts

During the Shopify historical sync, some contacts might not be imported due to errors. Click on “Download skipped records.” You will see a message on the screen that an email is sent to you.  

Download the skipped contacts .csv file from the email you received. 

Error reasons and how to fix them

Here is a list of errors and how you can fix them.

Error ReasonHow to troubleshoot
Email Invalid

This error occurs if the email id is invalid. 

Update the record with a valid email address.
Phone number invalid

You will get this error if the phone number is invalid (has less than 5 numbers)

Check the phone number and update it in the required format.
Provided Lifecycle stage and Status is inactive

If the contact has a Lifecycle stage or status value that is not available or inactive in the application, this error will occur. 

Update the contact with the default Lifecycle stages and status. 

Learn more about Lifecycle stages and status here

Do NOT add new customer Lifecycle stages in the admin settings of the application during the sync to avoid any other sync errors.
Error in source record parsing

If the source record that we are getting from Shopify has any unparsable characters then the sync process will throw an error.

Details would be available in the error record. Please ensure the source record characters are in UTF-8 encoding format. 
Contact is already in sync with the source

Contact already exists in the system and is skipped to avoid redundancy. 

Doesn't require any action.
All other errors

The error reason column would contain the details required to fix it. Please update as suggested.

There could be a system error in some rare cases. If so, we recommend you import the contacts via contact import feature. See the next section for more details. 

Re-upload the contacts

  • Edit the skipped contacts .csv file in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel to avoid any formatting errors.
  • Update the records based on the error reasons and how to fix them. Download the edited sheet again as a .csv file.
  • Re-upload to your account by clicking on the Contacts tab > Contact list view > Import
  • Read more about importing contacts in this article.

If you are importing contacts in large numbers and see that the skipped contacts are too high, please write to crm-support@freshworks.com.