The phone widget will be visible on your account in the browser at the bottom left corner. This article contains the following sections:

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Exploring the Phone Widget
  3. Making Calls
  4. Receiving Calls


Before using the phone widget, take a look at the recommended best practices or prerequisites that help you have the best call experience.

  1. Check Phone Credits: Check if you have sufficient credits to make and receive calls. If not, recharge your credits.
    Note: Only account admins can buy credits.
  2. Check your availability status: Make sure you set your status to online. You can receive calls only when your status is online.
  3. Test your network connection: Running a network test can help you identify and troubleshoot any network or audio settings issues in your system.
    When you use the phone widget for the first time, Freshcaller prompts you to test the network connection. Click Start Test. For more details, see Testing Your Network Connection.
  4. Check Browser Settings:
    • Use the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.
    • Allow Microphone Access. Make sure that your browser setting is configured to allow microphone access. When you make or receive a call using the phone widget for the first time, you will see a notification to provide microphone access. Click Allow

To have the best call experience, check out the best practices and recommendations.

Exploring the Phone Widget

Click on the phone widget at the bottom.

  1. Choose the number from which you want to make or receive calls.
    Note: The numbers will be visible only if your admin gives you access. If you are the account admin, you can configure call actions for the number on your account (on the browser) and provide access to your agents for incoming and outgoing calls.
  2. Search: Use this to search for a contact or a phone number.
  3. Keypad: Use this to enter a phone number using the widget keypad.

Making Calls

  1. Click on the phone widget at the bottom.
  2. Click on the phone number to view all the numbers. Select the number from which you want to place the call.
  3. You can place a call in the following ways:
    • Search: Enter the contact name or number in the search box on the top to look for a contact. You will see the search results. Click on the contact to call.
      Note: When you search using the phone number, make sure to enter the country code (example, +1). If you are not sure about the country code, use the country (flag) drop-down option.
    • Recent Calls (call history): Check for a recent call you made or received and click on the contact to place the call.
    • Keypad: Click on the keypad, enter the phone number, and click on the call button.

Receiving Calls

As an agent, you can receive a call directly from a customer, or another agent may transfer a call or invite you to their ongoing call (conference call).

  1. When you receive a call directly from a customer, you will see the following notification:
  2. The incoming call notification displays the customer's name (if contact is saved), number, and the call queue to which the call is routed. 
  3. Click on the Answer button to attend the call.

Once you attend the call, the in-conversation window opens. For more details on the various options or features available in the in-conversation window, see Exploring on-call controls.