This article provides a detailed description of the different features available in the Freshcaller mobile.

  1. Getting started with your mobile app
    1. Changing your availability status
    2. Placing a call
    3. Receiving a call
    4. Viewing the call details
    5. Viewing detailed call summary

Getting started with your mobile app

Prerequisite: Make sure you have a Freshcaller account to use the mobile app.

Once you download, install, and log in to the mobile app, you will see the following screen.

Main Screen:
This is the first screen you will see when you open the app.

  1. Availability status: Select your availability status. You can make or receive calls only when you are online.
  2. Choose Number: Click on the From drop-down and select the number on which you want to make or receive calls.
    Note: The numbers will be visible only if your admin gives you access. If you are the account admin, you can configure call actions for the number on your Freshcaller account (on browser) and provide access to your agents for incoming and outgoing calls.
  3. Search: Use this to search for a contact.
  4. My calls: View the list of incoming and outgoing calls you have made or received.
  5. Contacts: View your customer contacts.
  6. Keypad: Use this to enter a phone number using the phone keypad.
  7. All calls: View all types of calls made or received by all users in your account.

Changing your availability status

  1. Open your Freshcaller mobile app.
  2. On the top corner, click on your profile and select the status:
    The options are:
    • Online
    • Offline
      Note: You will have more status options when you open Freshcaller on a browser. However, with the mobile app, you can only set your status online or offline.
  3. Once you set the status online, you can make/receive calls on the mobile app.

Placing a call

  1. Open the mobile app. 
  2. Select the phone number from which you want to place the call.
  3. You can place a call in the following ways:
    1. Search: Use the search button on the top to look for a contact name and tap on the name/number to call.
    2. All Calls/My Calls (call history): Look for a recent call made under All Calls or My Calls, tap on the number, and click call.
    3. Keypad: Tap on the keypad, enter the phone number, and click on the call button.
    4. Contacts: Click on the contacts tab and select the customer name to call.

Check out this article to see the options/features that you can use during an ongoing call.

Receiving a call

  1. Open the mobile app.
  2. You will see the following incoming call notification when you receive a call:
  3. In the case of multiple incoming calls, the following screen is displayed.
  4. Answer the call you want to attend.

Viewing the call details

The call details screen gives you a quick summary of the different call metrics associated with a call you make or receive on the mobile app. If you want to see more call details, open your Freshcaller on the browser and check the Call Metrics section.

  1. Open the mobile app.
  2. Under My Calls or All Calls, tap on the number/name for which you want to view the details. 
    You can see the contact name/number of the incoming/outgoing call made or received along with the timestamp. Also, you will also see the following options:
    • Call: Use this to return the call to this number
    • View Notes: Click this option to view the call notes added by an agent.
    • Play Recording: Click to play and listen to the call recording.
    • Copy Number: Click to copy the number to the clipboard.
    • Call Summary: Click to view the detailed call summary. See the section below for more details.
In case of an unsaved number, you will also see the Add to Contacts option to save the unknown or unsaved number to your contacts.

Viewing detailed call summary

The call summary screen gives a quick summary of a completed call. 

To view the call summary, click on a call history under All Calls or My Calls, and then click on the Call Summary option. You can see the following details in Call Summary.

  • Contact details: Customer's details, such as name, number, company name, etc.
  • Call direction: Incoming or outgoing.
  • Call Type: The type of call (Answered, Missed, Voicemail, Abandoned) attended.
  • Assigned to: The agent who made or received the call
  • Related Calls: The details of transferred calls, if any. You can see the type of transfer made (cold or warm) and the agent's name who answered the transferred call.
  • Call Duration: The total duration of the call
  • Call Recording: Click to listen to the call conversation.
  • Call Notes: The notes added during or after a call.