Understanding short abandoned calls

Calls that a caller disconnects even before an agent could attend are called abandoned calls. For example, a customer may have disconnected the call while waiting in the queue or the IVR. Understanding the reasons for abandoned calls is important for your business. 

Sometimes, calls may be disconnected within a few seconds before your agents can answer the call due to technical issues. Also, the customer could have disconnected after dialing an incorrect number or an IVR option.
Such calls cannot be counted as abandoned calls. However, these calls will be counted as abandoned calls without the short abandoned threshold setting and can affect your service level targets.

Short Abandoned Threshold

With the short abandon threshold option, you can set the limit/duration for calculating abandoned calls. For example, if you set 5 seconds as the threshold, calls disconnected before 5 seconds will be considered short abandoned calls and not included for service-level calculations. This helps you filter out unwanted abandoned calls.,

Setting up the short abandon threshold limit

  1. Based on the product you have, the navigation steps vary:
    • If you have a Freshcaller account, go to Admin Settings > Channels > Phone.
    • If you have a Customer Service Suite account, go to Admin Settings > Channels > Phone and click Manage Phone Numbers next to Freshcaller.
  2. You can see the list of available numbers in your account. If you do not have any number, you can purchase a new number using the Buy New Number option.

  3. Hover over the number for which you want to set short abandon and click on the edit icon. You will see the Number Properties tab.

  4. Under Short abandon, enter the threshold limit in seconds. The default value is 5 seconds.

  5. Click Save Changes.

Tip: You can easily export and view the list of short abandoned calls in your account from the Call Metrics tab using the short abandon option.