Freshcaller allows you to enable voicemail transcripts for your account. When this option is enabled, you can see the transcribed script of the voicemail messages recorded by the customers.

How are voicemails triggered?

Voicemails are triggered to the customers when no agent answers the call as they are unavailable or busy attending other calls.

This happens when you set send to voicemail as the fallback option in call workflows. For example, in a call queue or IVR tree setup, you can configure send to voicemail as the fallback action in case your agents are busy or unavailable. So, at the end of the ringtone, customers will be asked to record their messages. 

Agents can later listen to the voicemail recording and view the transcribed voicemail text in the Call Metrics section.

Is voicemail transcription enabled by default? 

By default, the option is disabled for all accounts. Once enabled, you can view the voicemail transcripts in the Call Metrics section.

NOTE: Voicemail transcriptions are charged at USD 0.004/min.

User Requirements: Only admins and account admins have access to enable voicemail transcriptions for a number.

This article contains the following sections:

  1. How to enable voicemail transcription? 
  2. How to view the voicemail transcripts?

How to enable voicemail transcription?

  1. Based on the product you have, the navigation steps vary:
    • If you have a Freshcaller account, go to Admin Settings > Channels > Phone.
    • If you have a Customer Service Suite account, go to Admin Settings > Channels > Phone and click Manage Phone Numbers next to Freshcaller.
  2. You can see the list of available numbers in your account. If you do not have any number, you can purchase a new number using the Buy New Number option.
  3. Hover over the number for which you want to enable voicemail transcription and click on the edit icon. You will see the Number Properties tab.
  4. Toggle the Voicemail Transcripts option.

  5. Click on Save Changes.

    Note: The voicemail transcription cannot be enabled at an account level. You will see the voicemail transcripts only for the numbers for which you enable this option.

How to view the voicemail transcripts?

To view your voicemail transcriptions:

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Configuration and Workflows > Phone Metrics.
  2. If a customer has left a voicemail, you will see the voicemail transcription icon enabled next to the number.

  3. Click on the icon to open the call details section.
    Here, you can see the transcribed voicemail text and the number from which the voicemail was received. Alternatively, you can also click on the play recording icon to listen to the customer's message.

Tip: If you want to view all the voicemail transcripts received from a particluar number, use the filter option to filter the calls by the specific number and call type as voicemail.