With the Recording Opt-in capability, you can enable/disable recording for a call based on the customer’s consent. Customer consent is captured using an IVR at the beginning of the call. This is a legal requirement in several regions.


User Requirements: Only an admin or account admin can configure the Recording Opt-In option for a number.

Note: An additional charge of USD 0.003/min is applicable for call recordings.


Once you configure recording opt-in for a number, an IVR message will be played to the customer at the beginning of the call to get the customer's consent via a keypress. If the customer agrees to opt-in for recording, the calls will be recorded.


To enable Recording Opt-In:

  1. Based on the product you have, the navigation steps vary:
    1. If you have a Freshcaller account, go to Admin Settings > Channels > Phone.
    2. If you have a Customer Service Suite account, go to Admin Settings > Channels > Phone and click Manage Phone Numbers next to Freshcaller.
  2. You can see the list of available numbers in your account. If you do not have any number, you can purchase a new number using the Buy New Number option. 

  3. Select the number for which you want to enable the recording opt-in option and click on the edit icon. You will see the Number Properties tab.

  4. Toggle the Enable Recording Opt-In option.

  5. Select the message to play to the customers at the beginning of the call.
    By default, the Recording opt-in message is selected. "Thank you for calling. We would like to record this call for quality audit and training. To allow us to record this conversation, Press 1. To opt-out of recording this conversation, Press 2." You can choose a different message from the dropdown or create a custom message.
    Note: The calls are recorded when the caller presses 1 on their dial pad. If they press 2, the calls are not recorded. Hence, ensure that the message you select communicates the Keypress outcomes clearly.

  6. Click Save Changes.

    For instructions on recording/pausing calls during a live call, see Pausing/Resuming call recording

Note:If the caller does not press any IVR input or gives an incorrect input, the call switches to record calls manually mode. However, this is applicable only if the record call type configured for the number is Record incoming Calls, Record all calls, or Record manually.