You can understand the efficiency and performance of your chatbot with bot performance analytics. You can analyze the number of messages exchanged in a bot conversation and the number of API calls triggered and also get a deep dive into the conversations as a whole - in terms of their type and properties. You can also find out which of your chatbots has the highest conversation completion/success rate, along with a breakdown of how your visitors interact throughout the chatbot flow.

  • To monitor your bot's performance, click Analytics > Bot Analytics in your Freshchat account.
  • From the dropdown, select Curated Reports accessing predefined reports. 

Curated Reports

Curated reports provide you with a 360 view of your chatbots’ performances. You can keep track of the metrics that are most relevant to your business use case. It also provides the essential information you need to optimize your chatbot flows to enable better customer experiences.

  • Conversation Overview Report: 

Provides a high-level understanding of conversation volume, trends, and status across bots. 


  • Resolution and agent handover report (Bot Deflection report):

Understand the efficiency of your bots through resolution rates and agent handover rates on bot conversations.

  • Customer Satisfaction Report:

Get in-depth insights on customer satisfaction scores for bot conversations.

  • System Performance Report: 

Understand how bots perform concerning integrations through response time and success/failure rates. 

  • Messages Overview Report:

Overview of the number of messages sent by the chatbot, customer, and agents.

Custom Reporting

Custom reporting in Freshbots’ Analytics lets you build reports unique to your business use case with minimal effort. Pick the metrics you want to be displayed, apply the required filters, and employ the necessary dimensions to analyze your data. Learn how to build your report.