The Support Overview Report offers valuable insights into chat and bot conversations, tickets, and telephony performance. As a supervisor/admins you can use this report to monitor the effectiveness of your support operations across channels in one place, helping you identify areas for improvement in both automated and human-assisted support channels.


  • By default, the report presents data from the last 30 days, but you can customize the date range or apply various group by filters. 
  • You can export the report to your mail or download the report as PDF.
  • As this is a curated report, you cannot edit the report or add new metrics/filters. However, you can clone the report or create a custom report and add your preferred widgets/metrics.
  • By default, the report will show only chat and bot widgets. However, when you enable Freshdesk or buy the Freshcaller add-on, you will see additional widgets. Also, the report name changes accordingly. Check the pricing page for details on the Freshcaller add-on.

To access the report:

  1. Go to Support Analytics and click Curated Reports from the left panel.
  2. Choose Support Overview Report from the list of curated reports.

Key Widgets

The report comprises several key widgets, each providing valuable insights into your ticketing, conversations, and telephony performance:

Bot performance analysis

Provides a quick overview of the bot performance, giving insights into the total number of bot sessions, conversations, resolution rates, agent handover, and drop-off rates. For example, you can use this to identify bottlenecks in bot conversations, analyze high drop rates, and take necessary steps to improve bot responses or escalate more complex issues to agents promptly. Check out the metric definitions here.

Chat agent conversation analysis

Offers insights into the chat agent's performance, giving insights into the number of conversations, average wait time, average first response time, SLA compliance, average response and resolution times for chat interactions, and ensures that customer queries are promptly addressed, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Check out the metric definitions here

Helpdesk ticket analysis

Provides an overview of the helpdesk's performance. Monitor and track metrics such as average response times, wait times, and ticketing SLA compliance to ensure that customer tickets are handled efficiently and within acceptable time frames. For example, you can use this to spot trends in ticket response times and allocate resources accordingly during peak periods. Check out the metric definitions here.

Caller Performance Analysis

Get an overview of telephony performance with metrics such as the number of incoming/outgoing calls, call durations, handle time, and SLA compliance. For example, you can use this to identify peak call times and allocate agents accordingly to reduce customer wait times.

List of attributes (metrics, filters, and group by)

Each widget in this report comprises metrics/attributes from different modules on Chat, Bot, Freshdesk, and Freshcaller analytics.