We have optimized the conversations widget to enable effective conversations between your customers and your agents. You can lead your customer service with your bot and route the conversation to the right agent in your team to offer contextual, empathetic, and personalized responses.

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The conversations widget works best when you want to configure  Topics, FAQs, and agents who offer human support along with the bot’s capabilities for your customers.

  • Your customers want to talk about their issues in their own words - enabling your agents to get the full context and speak human-to-human without being limited
  • Enable agents to access the customers' screens and help them remotely with CoBrowsing
  • Triggered push messages for visitors or targeted push messages for existing customers
  • Make use of any Topics that you've set up for your customers to get help from the right agent
  • FAQs with general instructions for your customers to try out before your agent steps in with specific suggestions

You can automate these features to help your customers have a better support experience, reduce the repetitive work of your agents, and ensure they are available to offer personalized help to your customers.

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