You'll be setting up intents for your bots in Freshchat based on questions that your customers have been asking in the past. However, you can also audit any incoming questions from your customers or train your bot to work on analyzing questions from your customers.

You can enable your chatbot to understand the intent of your customers in a conversation. You can set up questions (and their variations) that your customers frequently ask and map them to an FAQ, Q&A, or Flow. Your bots on Freshchat can detect the customer's intent and direct them to the correct answer from these options. 

Retraining Natural Language

You can use this section to train your bots on your customer queries. If you find a query useful, you can map it as an utterance to an intent for a Flow or create a new question. Learn more about retraining natural language here.

Training your bot with Q&A

  • Select the required bot from the bot list and click Natural Language > Train > Q&A.  Make sure you're training the latest version of your bot.

  • Click New Q&A, and you will see the new question configuration page.

  • Write down a question your customers often ask you, and add the appropriate answer. You can even map it to a flow if it helps resolve the customer's query.

  • Since customers might ask the same question in different variations, you can optimize to solve this by adding at least five utterances that your customers use to ask the same question.

  • If you already have many customer queries captured as Q&As and are unsure if you've already added a question, you can search for it. If there are any matches with existing questions, you can add your new question as an utterance of the existing question.

  • You can choose to edit or delete any existing questions that you've added on this page. You can also measure how often a question was asked and whether customers found it helpful or not helpful. These details are useful when you're updating your questions.

Learn more about setting up your bots here: