The web application uses a serial method of background process for executing the triggers. This means that when a record is created or updated through the product UI or API automations there is an order of precedence with which the triggers will be executed.

Triggers - Order of Execution

The order of execution for triggers in the web application is as follows:

Order of Precedence



Db commit happens post create/update.


Marketplace Event is triggered. Any App listening to this event will be executed right away.


Contact data enrichment


Contact company or account data enrichment




Workflow automations


Implicit Contact scoring


Explicit Contact scoring


For the consolidated updates from Step 3-8, will be committed to the DB


Marketplace Event is triggered againAny App listening to this event will be executed right away.

Advantages of Serial Background Updation

  1. More control on the order of execution

  2. Better predictability on the outcome of execution compared to parallel background updation resulting in enhanced performance of the web application. 

To understand this better, let’s look at an example. Say, you create a contact named Jay Patel. As this is a manual action in the web application, this will be reflected in the UI immediately. The automations or triggers related to Jay Patel will follow the order below before execution:

  1. If there is a Marketplace Event present, this will be triggered. Any App listening to this event will be executed right away

  2. The contact data enrichment for this contact which is an automatic action will be queued first for execution. This includes first name, last name, full name, display pictures and personal social media profiles that would be retrieved using the email address of the contact.

  1. The contact’s company data fields such as company logo, company address, company phone number that are retrieved from the company website will be next in line for automatic updation.

  2. As this contact is from Michigan, the auto-assignment rule to automatically assign a sales owner is next in the queue for execution.

  1. Since Jay is a Webinar lead, the workflow automation that specifies that contacts with the source as ‘webinar’ would have the lifecycle stage as ‘Sales Qualified Lead’ will be queued for execution.


  1. Implicit contact scoring - Contact score that helps determine if the contact is an ideal decision maker based on fields such as job title, company, industries and revenue.

  2. Explicit contact scoring - Contact scoring based on observed or inferred behaviors such as web pages visited, content downloaded or webinars attended.

  3. Marketplace Event specified in step 1 is triggered again. Any App listening to this event will be executed right away.

The background execution for the above automations will be grouped and executed all at once.