Workflows in Freshworks CRM help to automate repetitive tasks and cut manual labor out of your sales process. Workflows perform predetermined actions when an event trigger occurs at a specific date/time. You can automatically update record properties, send emails, create tasks, set reminders, and send notifications to third party apps via webhooks based on specific criteria.

Set up workflows

  • To set up a new workflow, go to Admin settings > Automation (under Sales Force Automation) > Workflows and click Create workflow.
  • A workflow configuration will require the following elements:

  • NAME AND DESCRIPTION: specifies the name and describes what the workflow does. 

  • WHICH RECORD TYPE DOES THIS WORKFLOW APPLY TO?: specifies the record type on which the workflow is executed.

  • WHEN DO YOU WANT TO EXECUTE THIS WORKFLOW?: specifies the entry point for the workflow. There are two types of entry points you can choose from.

  • Based on record action
  1. When the record is created: the workflow is executed only when the record is created.
  2. When the record is created or updated: the workflow is executed every single time the record is created or updated to modify the fields in the condition section.
  3. Based on date-time

Every Day: The workflow is executed daily at a specified time for all records.

- Every Week: The workflow is executed weekly at a specified day and time for all records.

- Every Month: The workflow is executed monthly at a specified day and time for all records.

You can choose the recurrence of the workflow on a specific record Oncefor each record or Recurrently, for the same record.

  • WHAT CONDITIONS SHOULD TRIGGER WORKFLOW ACTIONS?: Lists the conditions to filter the records on which the actions are performed. A maximum of 5 conditions can be applied in a workflow.

  • WHAT ACTIONS CAN BE PERFORMED?: Lists the automated actions to be performed on the record. You can perform actions like sending an email/SMS, updating record properties or related records, creating a task, adding tags, and triggering webhooks. A maximum of 5 actions can be added in a workflow.

  • Once your rules and actions are defined, hit Save or Save and start.

  • The actions are performed immediately when the workflow is executed.

  • If multiple workflows are triggered at the same point, these are executed in the order of the list they are present. The top-most workflow will be executed first, and the bottom-most workflow will be executed at the end. You can reorder the workflows in the list view to change the sequence.