Where can I use tags?

Tags help users label and segregate records without creating a separate field and adding dropdown values. This makes it easy for users to maintain and access records with greater efficiency.

How can I add tags to records?

Tags can be added to records in two ways:

  • On the contact Table View
  • On the contact/account landing page

On the Table View:

Edit the tag column inline to add and reorder tags. You can also choose the color that you want to assign for each tag.

You can edit tags from the contact summary view.

You can also edit tags and reorder them from the edit form.

To bulk update tag value on records,

  1. Click Bulk actions on the Table View

  1. Select the records to which you would like to add a tag. After selecting the records, click Add tags.

  1. In the dropdown box that appears, add tags by either searching for existing tags or by creating your own tags. To create your own tag, simply fill in the tag's name in the field and click Save.

The selected records will have the newly associated tags reflected in the tags column.

On the details page:

1. On the details page, click the tags icon. 

2. In the dropdown that appears, enter the name of the tag. Search for existing tags and add them. If there are no tags that suit your purpose, create a new tag by filling in the name of the tag in the       field and clicking “Add”. 3. After adding the relevant tags, click the tick icon to save the tags to the record.

4. You can also re-order tags and assign colors to them.

5. Alternatively, you can also add tags from the fields (Details) section using the same steps mentioned above.

How to filter records based on tags?

To search for records associated with a particular tag, use filters to search for tags.

How to import tags?

To import tags, create a separate column for tags on your CSV file and import them. If you are looking to add additional tags to your records through import, add multiple tags to the respective cell (on the spreadsheet) (tag1; tag2; tag3) and opt for "update without override" during import.

Click here to read about tags created from the admin settings page.