Tags are unique identifiers that allow users to label records and help simplify sorting. Users can create and access tags for any of their records— Contacts, Accounts, Deals, and Email templates.

You can create and use two types of tags:

  • Custom tags: These are the tags that can be created by users while adding a tag to a record. To learn how to add and use a custom tag on a record, refer to this article

Note: To limit the visibility of tags created by users to only themselves, turn on the Enable private suggestions toggle. This ensures that users do not view tags that are created by others as a part of their tag suggestions
  • Default tags: Tags created from within the Tag settings page are referred to as Default tags and can be identified by the Default label. These tags show up as suggestions whenever users try to add tags to contacts, accounts, deals, and emails.

To create a default tag, 

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Tags.

  1. In the Tags page that opens up, you have the option to create tags for records (contacts, accounts and deals) and email templates. 

  1. Under RECORD TAGS, enter the name of the tag that you wish to create in the box beneath ‘Create a tag’ tag and click Add.

  1. Tags that are created here are considered as default tags if the private suggestions toggle is turned on
    Once a tag is created, a success notification appears.

    However, if a tag already is present under this name, then you will receive an error notification. Change the name of the tag to make it unique.

Note: The tags created for records cannot be used or will not show up for email templates and vice versa.


How to filter records using tags?

To filter records using tags, click on the three dots icon associated with a tag. This brings up a menu that allows you to filter the different records– contacts, accounts, deals, and emails– based on tags present in the system.

Note: Records that are present in the recycle bin will not be considered when the filter is applied.

Clicking these options opens a separate webpage with the tag applied as a filter.

How to Delete a tag?

To delete a tag, ensure that the tag is removed from all associated records. Once the tag is removed from all records, click the Delete icon to delete the tag. 

Note: Attempting to delete a tag without removing its association with records will result in an error notification. Records in the recycle bin will also need to be disassociated with the tags before a tag can be deleted.