Personalization is the best way to send emails that get your user/audience base to convert. While there are a million different ways marketers can personalize their emails right from their content, to the time they are delivered to the recipients, the ability to personalize sender details is sometimes overlooked.

With the web application, marketers can now personalize sender names and email addresses while setting up automated nurture campaigns or communicating crucial updates. This is especially helpful if you send emails to your audience who are already in touch with a dedicated sales representative. Personalizing sender information improves the performance of your email campaigns and improves engagement.

To get started, follow the below steps:

1. Under Marketing Automation, click on “Journey Emails” to create an automated email.

2. Choose the template you prefer or create your email from scratch.

3. Design your email and personalize the content with merge tags.

4. In the campaign settings section, provide the Campaign Name and Subscription Types

5. Next, provide the Sender Name and Sender Email Address. Click on the Personalize option to personalize the sender name and email address for your campaign.

6. You can personalize your Sender Name and Email address based on Contact Properties. 

Enter the default value. This is the fallback value that will be displayed if the chosen Contact Property is not available.

7. Enter the Reply-to address, Subject Line, and Footer details.

Note: Only verified emails(senders) & verified domains can be used for sending emails with sender personalisation. Learn more about sender verification here