Receiving harmful and promotional emails from unfavorable sources could be a concern if your sales email address is used for customer engagement and contact generation. In a similar vein, you might also wish to refrain from creating contacts from emails that are sent on behalf of your company. You can reduce the number of emails you receive in your sales inbox by using domain exclusion, which also improves the caliber of the leads you create.

To define email domains that need to be excluded from contact creation,

  1. Login to the web application as an Administrator.

  2. Go to Admin Settings > Channels >  Email > Create contacts from email

  3. Under Excluded domains, type the domains that you’d like to stop receiving emails from such as and hit return or the enter key.

  4. Click . 

Note: Your email client’s domain is excluded by default to avoid fetching emails from your peers and adding them as contacts.

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