As a business, you receive multiple leads in a day. Prioritizing the right lead is difficult without context. Contact scoring helps quantify and streamline these otherwise relative measures, and is a yardstick to identify the most sales-ready prospects from the rest. 

By default, Freddy assigns a score for the contacts in your CRM based on how likely they are to convert into a customer. This score can be based on the contact’s attributes (which can be enriched using the profile enrichment feature) or level of engagement with the business. 

How to set up contact scoring? 

Go to Admin Settings > Leads, Contacts, & Accounts > Contact Scoring. 

Here, you can set up positive and negative signals across Contact property, Primary account property, Engagement, and Events. You can integrate your account with Segment or use the CRM tracking code to pull in events and track user behavior across your website. 

How does it work?

There are positive and negative signals that give hints regarding whether a contact would convert or not in any business. Freddy gives you the flexibility to define signals matching your ideal customer profile. 

What are positive and negative signals?

For example, a contact from a specific country (say the USA) and industry (say Financial services) is more likely to convert into a customer for your business and can be added as a positive signal. 

On the contrary, contacts who unsubscribe from your emails may not convert, and unsubscribing can be added as a negative signal. 

You can also track user behavior that influences conversion in your web application as events and add such events as positive signals and the events that retract conversion as negative signals. 

Apart from the influence of the admin signals on the score, Freddy has smart in-built algorithms that detect data patterns. Freddy will learn and train itself by using these signals and data present in the account to additionally influence the contact score.

What signals can be added?

You can add positive and negative signals from the below categories. Freddy analyzes these signals to score your contacts accordingly.

  1. Contact property added in the CRM: Add properties defining your Ideal Customer Profile with these attributes to influence the score better. 
    1. Contact’s Geographic attributes like Country, State can be added if your leads in a specific region convert faster; 
    2. Attributes such as Job title, Source
    3. Subscription statuses on different channels
  2. Primary account property of the associated account 
    1. Firmographic attributes such as the number of employees, annual revenue, industry, etc. If your business focuses on a particular target industry, you can define its attributes here. 
    2. Account’s geographic attributes like country, state, and more can be added if account details are important as either positive or negative signals.
  3. Engagement information on sales activities added to the product 
    1. Standard sales activities such as meetings, calls, and emails that occurred in the last x days
    2. Custom sales activities such as Demos, Lunch meetings, etc that occurred in the last x days
  4. Events 
    1. Set up product/web events such as signing up, adding users, sharing invites, and asking for a trial extension as captured by your business. You can bring product events into CRM using Segment or CRM tracking code.
    2. Negative events such as account canceled, removed users, etc. 

Note: To know more about how to use contact scoring, refer here.

How to add positive and negative signals for scoring? 

You can add positive and negative signals using the below options: 

  1. Click on Add signal. This opens up an overlay where you can choose from the signal categories and add a signal.

  1. You can also choose from suggested signals which are common for most industries. 

  1. Click on Add event (Applies if you have integrated with the Segment app). 

To edit the list of signals, click the Edit signals button and choose the field that you want Freddy to use as a signal.

How to set up automation based on the Freddy score? 

You can quickly identify top priority leads (tagged as Product Qualified Leads PQLs if you are a SaaS business or Likely to buy if you are a non-SaaS business) using this automation. If the contact score is greater than a certain value, the CRM will automatically add this system tag to the contact if the rule is enabled. 

Since PQLs are constantly tracked, to avoid fluctuating scores affecting the list of PQLs you work on, this system tag is not removable by anyone and will be retained even if the score drops below the configured score. 

How to use contact scoring?

Once you have configured contact scoring, you can view the score of the contact on a scale of 0-99 from the list view page. On the details page of a contact, you can view a star rating of the customer to help you understand how close the contact is to conversion. In addition to the above, Freddy’s insights section gives you the next best action that should be performed on the contact for better nurturing.

Note: For Freshsales paid accounts created before 04 March 2024, this feature is available on the Growth plan.