Contact score is one of the best ways to segment out the most interested prospects. Once your admin configures the score signals, sales reps can use it to prioritize and filter contacts. Freddy calculates contact score and customer fit ratings by finding patterns in historical contact properties, engagement levels, web, and in-app activities. 

Where can I see the Contact scorecard?

  1. Contact list view page:

The contacts who have engaged with your product most recently, are the ones most interested in your product. In the contacts list view page, there are two columns that depict how the contact is faring - the score and customer fit columns.

You can filter contacts based on their quality by using the customer fit rating (zero to five stars). For example, based on the star rating, you can easily filter the most sales-ready (4 or 5 star rated) contacts from the rest (3 and less star rated contacts) that need nurturing. You can sort contacts in the increasing or decreasing order of their contact scores by clicking the contact score sort option from the contacts list view page.

To get to the granular details of what has actually contributed to the score, click the contact and the scorecard gets displayed. 

Other details can be inferred from the direction and color of the arrows near the contact score: 

  1. Green up arrows indicate an increase in the contact score over the past week.

  2. Red down arrows indicate a decrease in the score over the past week, for example, if they have unsubscribed from your emails.

  3. A grey up arrow indicates inactivity for the past week.

  1. Contact details page:

Clicking on one of the contacts will take you to the contact details page. Here you can find the contact score and customer fit rating under Freddy AI Insights.

Contact score: 

The recent contact score is available below the tags associated with the contact, with scores that range from 0 to 100. The scoring factors depicted in the scorecard showcase the factors contributing to the current score. For example, a contact who has viewed the pricing page and replied to an email in the past 7 days would have a hike in the contact score as opposed to a contact who has not responded to an email. Click here to know more about how you can train Freddy to look at the right signals for your business.

Customer Fit Rating:

The customer fit rating is a representation of how close the contact is to conversion—a four or five-star rating will help you instantly know how sales-ready the contact is.

Freddy’s insights:

Based on the contact score and customer fit rating, Freddy proposes the next best action that can be performed on the contacts to nudge them closer to conversion.

How can you interpret the Contact score?

You can get to know the factors that have contributed to your current contact score from the contact scorecard. 

The scoring factors in a contact scorecard help you know what the difference between two contacts with the same score is and also understand how interested they are in using your product. You can make use of Freddy’s next best action based on the customer score to better nurture the contacts in the web application.