As a business, you receive multiple leads in a day. Prioritizing the right lead is difficult without context. Contact scoring helps quantify and streamline these otherwise relative measures, and is a yardstick to identify the most sales-ready prospects from the rest. This score can be based on the contact’s level of engagement with the sales rep.

By default, Freddy assigns a score for the contacts in your CRM based on how likely they are to convert into a customer. Freddy analyzes the following signals to provide contact score:

1. Contact information added in the product - for e.g. region, job title, etc.

2. Company information about the associated account - e.g. revenue, industry, etc.

3. Additional data provided using Freddy's profile enrichment feature

4. Engagement information on sales activities added in the product (e.g. emails sent, meetings created)

You can also train Freddy to identify signals that are unique to your business and improve the accuracy of the score.

To set up contact scoring,

Go to Admin Settings > Contact Scoring. Use the options below to enable contact scoring in the web application:

  1. Import your data

Click on Import contacts/Import Deals to add more data in the web application. The more the data, the more information will be available for Freddy to better understand your business, thereby making more accurate suggestions.

1. A mix of 50 new contacts, 30 qualified contacts and 20 deals would help Freddy understand your business better.
2. You can also migrate data from another CRM by clicking on Migrate from another CRM

  1. Add signals from your business

There are positive and negative signals that give hints regarding whether a contact would convert or not in any business. For example, a contact from a specific country and industry is moe likely to convert into a customer while a contact who has unsubscribed from your emails is a negative signal and may not convert.

Define the signals in your web application by adding fields that promote conversion as positive signals and the fields that retract conversion as negative signals. 

Freddy will learn and train itself by using these signals and your data to associate a score for all the contacts in the web application and also suggest the next best action needed for conversion.

To add a signal, choose from a few suggestions on both the sections - positive and negative signals. To edit the list of signals, click the Add or edit signals button and choose the field that you want Freddy to use as a signal.

Once you have configured contact scoring, you can view the score of the contact from the list view page. In the details page of a contact, you can view a star rating of the customer to help you understand how close the contact is to conversion. In addition to the above, Freddy’s insights section gives you the next best action that should be performed on the contact for better nurturing.