There are four core modules– contacts, accounts, deals, and products– to create and track your sales process. In addition to these four modules, you can also create additional modules, or custom modules, that are relevant to your business process and capture additional information.


To understand this better, let us consider an example. Consider your company is in the Real Estate space and sells properties to buyers. With custom modules, you can create properties as a separate module and track information specific to a property.

Note: Admins can create a maximum of 10 new modules. This does not include the existing 4 core modules  

Here’s how you can create ‘property’ as a custom module:

  1. Go to Admin Settings and navigate to Custom Modules under Leads, Contacts & Accounts.

  2. Click . This brings up the ADD MODULE overlay. 

  3. Assign your module a Singular name and choose an icon to represent the module. The plural name and the internal name will be automatically generated. 

  4. Add a description to set the context for users and click

    This creates a new module and takes you to a dedicated page where you can create and modify fields related to the newly created module. To know more about how to create and personalize fields on your custom module, refer to this article.

    Once a new module is created, you can also find the custom module icon on the left pane. Click the icon and it opens the list view of your custom module.

To access the records of your newly created module, 

  1. Click the custom module icon. This opens the list view of your module.

  2. Click on a record of your choice. This brings up the summary slider which consists of details related to your custom module record. You can also add notes to the record here.

Linking a custom module with Contacts/Accounts/Deals

You can use lookup fields to link your custom module with the core modules– Contacts, Accounts, and Deals. To know more about creating a lookup field, refer to this article.

How to import records custom modules?

You can also choose to import new records into your custom module. 

1. To do so, navigate to Admin Settings > Data & Import > Custom Modules Import:

2. Click on the module you'd like you add data into > click next.

3.  You can download the sample CSV to understand the requirements for your file, then upload your file > Click on next. Finish mapping all required fields between your module and the CSV file > click on Import.