Deal value is the potential of the deal that you strike with a company. You can use deal value as an important filter criterion to prioritize accounts. Apart from deal value, custom views can also be used to narrow your search results to yield specific accounts.


Using deal value

  • You can sort accounts in the increasing or decreasing order of their deal value by clicking the drop-down next to the deal value and selecting Sort ascending/descending from the list of options.
  • You can use the open deals amount filter to set ranges for the deal values of accounts

  • Select one of these conditions to set the range

    • all - Lists all the accounts irrespective of their deal values

    • < less than - To view accounts with deal values below a specific value

    • > greater than - To view accounts with deal values above a specific value

    • =  equal to - To view accounts with deal values that equal a specific value

    • != not equal to - To view accounts with deal values that are not equal to a specific value

    • between - To view accounts with deal values that fall in a specific range of values

    • Is not empty (has any value) - To view accounts that have a value

    • Is empty - To view accounts that do not have a deal associated with them

Using custom views

  • There are 5 default views that can be edited using different filters and saved as new custom views.

  • You can modify filters by changing filter criteria and also by adding new filters.

  • Custom views can be shared with:

    • Just Me

    • Everyone

    • Selected users, teams, and territories

Please refer to our solution article on creating custom views for accounts for detailed insights.