Views help in filtering a list of accounts based on a certain criteria. There are five default views and in addition, you can create your own views and access them from the Views dropdown.

You can also share the custom views with your team. However, users can view only those accounts that they have access to. To view the default views, go to the Contacts and Accounts module > Accounts > Open all views button.

  1. My Accounts - Lists the accounts assigned to you.
  2. All Accounts - Lists the accounts in your product account.
  3. My Territory Accounts - Lists the accounts belonging to your territory.
  4. Recently Imported - Lists the most recent accounts that were imported.
  5. Recycle Bin -  Deleted accounts will be present here for 90 days before being permanently removed.

From the default views, you can add more filter criteria from the Filter section and save as new views.