You can use multiple filters to refine your account lists, save them as custom views and share them with your team.  

To create a custom view,

  1. Select a view from the accounts list view page and use the filters you need to narrow your list of accounts. To add more filters click the Add filter in the Filters section. Click Apply after adding the filters.

  1. To save your filter criteria as a new view, click the Save view as button on the bottom of the Filters section.

  1. In the Save as overlay that pops up, enter a name for your view and also choose the visibility. Visibility can be set as:

    1. Just me

    2. Everyone (choose view/view and edit permissions)

    3. Selected users, teams and territories (choose the respective record/s along with view/view and edit permissions)

You can find your newly created view under the Created by me section of the Account view drop-down.

To update filters used in a custom view,

  1. To change the filter criteria in your view, select the view from the custom views.

  2. Modify the filter fields by changing the values or by adding a new field. To remove a filter from the view, click the x icon near the filter criterion.

  3. Click the Save view button to update the custom view. 

  4. Click Save view as to save the view as a new custom view.

To rename a custom view,

  1. Select a custom view from the accounts list view page.

  2. Click Edit (pencil icon) on the top to open the Save As overlay.

  3. You can rename and change the visibility of the view.

To delete a custom view, 

  1. Select the view from the drop-down.

  2. Click the Delete icon (recycle bin). 

  3. In the confirmation dialog box that appears click Yes.