When companies express an interest in your product/service, the representatives of the companies you engage with become your contacts while the companies become accounts.  The web application offers the following methods to bring your accounts in.

Ways to add accounts manually


     1.Using the ‘+’ Quick Add button

To add an account using the quick add button,

  1. Click the + Quick Add button on the top

  2. Choose Add Account

  3. Fill in the Add account form overlay

  4. Click Save.

      2. Importing accounts from a .CSV /.XLSX file

To import accounts,

  1. In the Accounts list view page, click the Import Accounts button. The Import Accounts overlay appears.

  2. Click Upload your CSV/XLSX file and browse through the files on your device to choose the desired CSV/XLSX file. 

  3. To replace the uploaded CSV/XLSX file, click Remove and start afresh.

  4. Once you've uploaded a CSV/XLSX file, choose one of three options

    1. Create new accounts - This creates all the data from the CSV/XLSX file as new records in the web application and does not look for duplicates.

    2. Create new and update existing accounts (without overwrite):

Identifies matching records between the CSV/XLSX file and records in the web application and updates only the fields that are empty.

    1. Create new and update existing accounts (with overwrite): Identifies matching records between the CSV/XLSX file and records in the web application and overwrites the values present in the field. 

Duplicates are matched based on the following identifiers:

  • Email

  • Freshsales ID

  • Name

  • Custom fields (of the type text and number)

Skip import for all duplicate records

You can opt to skip import for all duplicate records. This will prevent the web application from updating records that are already present. You will also receive an import summary email with a CSV/XLSX file containing all the skipped records.

Choose the format of the date fields in the CSV/XLSX file: You can choose between one of three options:




Click Next to map the fields.

3.Automatic accounts capture using CRM code library

If website visitors are added as contacts after they fill out a web form (signup forms, subscription forms, and so on) on your website, their company information from the webform is used to create an account in the web application via the CRM code library on your website.