Handling sensitive data in Session Replay Experiment

In Freshmarketer Session Replay we do not compromise in protecting the user’s confidential data throughout the user journey in a website. For example, the payment details such as credit card number, CVV, Password/PIN being entered by the user are masked by default in the recorded sessions. We also provide additional options for masking specific data.

If you would like to mask all the keystrokes given by the users in your webpage, you can enable “Mask Keystroke data” option which can be found under Advanced options in Session Replay configuration, and this option is checked by default. By unchecking this, the data being entered by the user in the input fields such as name, email etc. will be captured in sessions & visible while viewing sessions.

Note: Unchecking “Mask keystroke data” doesn’t unmask the payment related fields.

We also provide an option to mask specific input elements or blocks manually while creating experiments. Below are the steps to achieve them.

  • While creating a new session replay experiment, There is an option called “Mask Sensitive Elements” inside Advanced Options. For example if an entire form or a block of div has to be masked in a webpage where you are running the experiment, On providing the Form ID/Class in the input field below masks the entire form. The same applies for any div element in the page.

  •  Below screenshot is an example of masked content in a recorded session.


  •  Multiple elements can be masked by clicking the plus icon provided beside the input field.

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