Identifying the Users


Freshmarketer’s JavaScript Identify API helps you associate users with their respective sessions.

In all the recordings made by Freshmarketer, the sessions are related to the users by random names. Example: Brass Ant, Apricot Crab. Now, with the help of this API, you can associate a particular session recording to a particular user by their email ID, UID, name, etc., they use.

Simply call FM.identify () API and pass the parameter that needs to be associated with the session like email_id, uid, etc in it.




String. Any string to identify the user


if(window.FM && typeof window.FM.identify === "function") {

Freshmarketer expects a string as a parameter for FM.identify API and it can contain only a single value at a time.

Please make sure you call this method after including Freshmarketer’s JS snippet.

Now you can easily search for sessions of a particular user that you are interested in by keying in the identity parameter you had passed in the API,inside the search box.

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