Has collaborating with your colleagues on Google Hangouts left you unaware of the customer updates on tickets? 

With the new Hangouts Chat integration, receive notifications from Freshdesk whenever there's an update on the tickets you are assigned to. These notifications will be sent to you as one-on-one conversations with the Freshdesk bot. You'll receive notifications for events only on the tickets assigned to you or on tickets where you have been added as a watcher.

Notifications include:

  • Ticket priority updates
  • Tickets assigned
  • Customer responses
  • Public notes added
  • Private notes added

How do I setup my Google Hangouts Chat integration?

  • Login to your support portal

  • Click on the Admin > Support Operations > Apps

  • Click on Get More Apps. Search and select Google Hangouts Chat

  • Click Install

  • Enter your helpdesk URL to enable Google Hangouts Chat notifications

  • Provide your Gmail account credentials and permit access to Freshdesk by clicking on Accept

  • Switch to Hangouts Chat and search for the Freshdesk bot at https://chat.google.com/add/botdm for the integration to work

  • Hit the 'Message' button on the bot and send a text to start receiving ticket notifications

What else do I need to know about this integration?

  • The helpdesk administrator needs to add Google Hangouts Chat from the Marketplace for the agents to start receiving notifications.
  • To receive notifications, the agents should have logged into their Freshdesk account with the same Gmail account they use on Hangouts Chat.
  • The agents should be logged into their Gmail account to receive notifications. 
  • The agents will have to hit the 'Message' button on the bot and send a text to start receiving ticket notifications.

NOTE: This integration is currently available only if your data is hosted on our US data centre. For any queries regarding your data/data centre, please reach out to us at support@freshdesk.com.