Round-robin ticket assignment is a method used in customer support systems to evenly distribute incoming tickets among available agents in a sequential manner, ensuring fair workload distribution and efficient handling of customer inquiries.

How automatic ticket assignment through Round-robin works

When tickets are assigned to a group for the first time or reassigned from another group - for example, transactional tickets involving questions on recent orders, FAQs etc. - the Round-robin system will assign them in a circular fashion to the agents who are online in that group. This guarantees that incoming tickets are equitably distributed among online agents, which not only saves you time but lets your agents get to work immediately.

Scenarios where Round-robin ticket assignment can help

  • When you have a high volume of incoming tickets, it can be a laborious process to manually assign tickets to online agents. By using Round-robin, each ticket will be automatically allocated to an agent who is online as soon as the tickets enter a group. This will cut down on the time spent assigning tickets, and improve your response and resolution times. 
  • Letting agents pick tickets to work on could result in them cherry-picking the easier ones, for example. Round-robin guarantees the fair allocation of incoming tickets to your team. 
  • Round-robin prevents tickets from stagnating when the supervisor isn't around to assign tickets to the agents in groups. 

Quick guide to setting up automatic ticket assignment through Round-robin

  1. Log in as an admin
  2. Go to Admin > Team > Groups > Edit > Group Properties

  • Use the toggle to enable Automatic ticket assignment.
  • Depending on your plan, you'll see options for automatic ticket assignment to choose from.
  • Click Save.
Please note that configuring agent availability status is only feasible when automatic ticket assignment is not enabled.