Adding Call notes allows you to quickly jot down a call's summary. Notes help you or anyone on your team to get the complete picture of the call. Some benefits of adding call notes are:

  • Capture keynotes about the call during or after the conversation with the customer
  • Search for conversations using specific call note text
  • Share the notes while transferring calls

You can add call notes during an ongoing conversation or add notes after you complete the call.

Adding call notes during an ongoing call

When you add call notes during an ongoing call, the notes will be saved as drafts. Once you complete the call, you can save the draft as call logs, which are saved and attached to your call. 

Adding notes during a call can be useful when you transfer the call to another agent. The notes are automatically transferred as drafts to the agent. The agent attending the transferred call gets the complete context of the call, and the customer does not have to repeat the entire problem statement.

  1. To add notes as drafts during an ongoing call, click on the three dots and choose Add notes.
  2. Add your notes in the Notes box and click Save.
    The notes will be saved as drafts.
  3. Once you complete the call, you will be prompted to save the drafts.
  4. Click Save to save the notes as call logs.

Adding call notes after call completion

You can also add call notes after a call is completed as call logs to give context to anyone in your team who wants to view the call record later.

  1. Once a call ends, you will be prompted to enter notes.
  2. Enter the notes and click Save.

How to view call notes?

You can view the added call notes in the Phone Metrics section. Additionally, you can search the call metrics with a specific call note text and export call metrics with call notes.

Note: The phone metrics can be accessed only by admins.

  1. Log in to your account as admin and go to Admin > Configuration and Workflows > Phone Metrics.
  2. In the Call Metrics page, click on the notes icon. 
  3. You can use the Search Notes box at the top to search the call records with specific call notes text.
  4. To export the call metrics with call notes, click  Export and choose Export call metrics.
  5. Select the call notes field to export the metrics with call notes.