Meetings in Freshworks CRM mobile app now support Zoom. Join your zoom meetings right from Freshworks CRM’s mobile app.

How to enable Zoom in Freshworks CRM Mobile?

Zoom integration can only be enabled in the web app version of Freshworks CRM. Click here to know how you can integrate and enable Zoom in Freshworks CRM.

How to add a Zoom meeting from the mobile app?

  1. From the Home screen:
    Click the + Quick Add button and choose Meeting

In the Add Meeting overlay, type in the details of the Meeting and click Add video conferencing

The Zoom meeting details get populated

  1. From the Landing Page (Contact/Account/Deal)

Click the Floating Action button on the details page of the contact and choose Add Meeting.

You can add a Zoom meeting in the Add meeting overlay that pops up as mentioned in the above section.

How to join Zoom meetings from the mobile app?

  1. From the Home screen

The meetings that you have scheduled for the day will appear on the Home screen. Click on Join meeting near the meeting that is scheduled to join them from the mobile app.

  1. From the Landing Page (Contact/Account/Deal)

You can also join the Zoom meeting from the details page of the contact.