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Verification of the sender's email address is a prerequisite for sending an email campaign. When you have multiple senders on the same domain, this verification allows you to save your time by verifying your whole domain instead of verifying each sender's email address. Freshworks CRM allows multiple verified domains based on your plan.

If you are having an active domain with the Namecheap, then follow the below steps to verify your domain registered with NameCheap in Freshworks CRM 




Login to your Freshworks CRM account navigate to Admin settings => Communication channels => Domain Verification => Add domain 


Add your preferred domain in your Freshworks CRM account





After entering the domain name and sender details, select “Create”. New DNS records will be created for the domain name you provided. 

Note: You can send these DNS details to your IT team or to anyone who can add/modify DNS details for your domain by selecting "Send this to teammate"




STEP 2: 


Login to your Namecheap account 


Navigate to Dashboard My Products and choose the domain you would like to verify in Freshworks CRM and select Manage


In the new screen, check whether your name servers are being managed by Namecheap or Hosting provider.

If it is managed by your hosting provider then you will see “Custom DNS” option selected by default under “Nameservers”, In this case, you will have to login to your hosting account to add the Freshworks CRM DNS records



If the nameservers are being managed by Namecheap then you will see “Namecheap Basic DNS” Option selected by default



Select “Advanced DNS” option to add the Freshworks CRM DNS records




a) Host Record


In the Host field, copy the Host record given in Freshworks CRM and paste it without the domain name at the end. It is because Namecheap appends the domain name to the host names of CNAME records by default, hence It's not required to add the domain name again to the host record to avoid duplication.


For eg: 

The value is given in Freshworks CRM: hxpbo._domainkey.yourdomain.com

The value you should paste in NameCheap Host field: hxpbo._domainkey


b) Value record 


Copy & Paste the value record as it is given in Freshworks CRM  





Choose TTL as 5 minutes and select “Save all changes” 


Similarly, paste all other records in Namecheap. Once you copy-paste all the records from Freshworks CRM to Namecheap it will look like the below screenshot in Namecheap





Now Click “Verify” domain in your Freshworks CRM account to get all the records verified.



Always ensure the verification records are added to your DNS manager before you click “Verify” domain. You can see “Verified” status beside your domain name once records are verified




You can set multiple domains and can choose a primary domain for your campaigns. With this, you can have any number of custom emails as you want. 


Editing and deleting a verified domain:


Edit: You will not be able to edit a verified domain’s name. Although the primary email of a verified domain can be modified. Click on Edit from the domain dashboard. You will be navigated to the create screen where you can modify the primary email of the domain. Click on Next to proceed.


Delete: A verified domain can be deleted from the domain dashboard. By confirming, you are deleting the verified domain completely from your Freshworks CRM account.



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