Freshworks CRM allows your contacts to manage their email preferences by giving them an organized list of subscription types to control what they receive. This way, they can opt to receive only specific emails from your Freshworks CRM. 


Freshworks CRM offers the following subscription preferences. These are different types of emails that are sent from Freshworks CRM:

  • Marketing emails: All emails that are sent from the Marketing Automation module of Freshworks CRM. This includes marketing emails such as: 

    • Conferences

    • Newsletters

    • Product Updates

    • Promotional

  • Non-marketing emails: All emails that are sent from the Sales Conversations module of Freshworks CRM. This includes emails from:

    • Sales sequences

    • Bulk Emails

    • Workflow emails

    • Transactional emails


The link to manage email preference will be present in the footer part of any email sent from Freshworks CRM.


Clicking on the subscription preference link will direct the recipient of an email to a subscription preference webpage where they can choose to subscribe to the subscription types which interests them and unsubscribe the rest. 


The subscription preference webpage will display the email address of the recipient and the list of subscriptions types (Eg: Promotion, newsletter) created by the Freshworks CRM user. 


After clicking on ‘save preferences’ a confirmation screen will be displayed as shown below.


If the contact wants to set his preferences again, he/she can go back to the subscription preference portal to remodify the preferences set.


Note: As a Freshworks CRM user, one can override the subscription preference set by the contact by updating it from the Freshworks CRM. You can refer this article to know how to manage subscription preference for your contacts.


Understanding Unsubscribes from reports of a email campaign and journey emails:


Here, you will know how to understand the unsubscribed events from the email campaign and journey email reports.

After running an email campaign or going live with a journey, you will find the reports populated in real-time and you will be able to see the summary of each campaign.

  • Choose the appropriate email campaign or journey email and click on ‘view reports’ to check the unsubscribes events for.

  • The ‘Summary’ tab opens and gives you the necessary email metrics.

  • Under ‘Engagement metrics’, you will find the number of ‘Total unsubscribes’ and ‘Unique unsubscribes’.

Total unsubscribes:


The number of subscription types unsubscribed by the recipients.


If a contact unsubscribes from ‘Newsletters’ and ‘Promotional’ subscription types, the count will be 2.


Unique unsubscribes:

The number of contacts who chose to unsubscribe from any subscription type or chose to opt-out from all.