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What is a unique field?

A unique field contains a value that helps you differentiate records and prevents duplicate records. Depending on your business, it could be email addresses, phone numbers, student IDs,  social security numbers, passport numbers, etc. So if you set email address as a unique field, then no two contact records can have the same email address.

Why should you have a unique field?

To avoid creating duplicate contacts and accounts, at least one field should be marked unique in these modules. Freshworks CRM has marked a few fields unique by default, you can retain these as unique fields or configure your own custom unique fields based on your business requirements.

What are the Default unique fields in Freshworks CRM?

Freshworks CRM has a set of fields that are marked unique by default:

  • Emails on Contacts (Primary Email address only) - You can mark the email address field as non-unique right from the CRM

  • Mobile - You cannot make this field non-unique

  • External ID  - You cannot make this field non-unique

  • Name field on Accounts - You can make this field non-unique when any other field is made unique

How to modify or rename a default unique field to reflect your business?

1) Only Admins can create and assign unique fields. You can choose up to 4 unique contact fields and 2 unique account fields
2) Unique fields can only be of (default or custom).

To make a default field unique,

Let’s say you want to make the Registration ID in the Contacts field as unique.

  1.  Go to Admin Settings > Contacts module and near the External ID, click Edit field

  1. In the EDIT FIELD overlay, modify the name of the field from External ID to Registration ID

  1. Click Save

How to create a custom unique field

If you have another custom field called ‘Passport Number’ you want to make unique,

  1. Go to Admin Settings > Contacts/Accounts/Deals Module and click the  dropdown on the Passport field and enable the ‘Unique’ checkbox

Alternatively, you can also mark a field as unique from the EDIT FIELD overlay.

  1. Click the checkbox titled ‘Mark the field as unique’. This presents you with a dialog box that requests confirmation.

  1. Click  to configure the field as unique.

What happens when a user creates a new record after a custom field is set as unique?

If a user tries to create a new contact with a Passport number that already exists in another record, Freshworks CRM throws an alert that a record with that value already exists. Only when a unique Passport number is provided will Freshworks CRM create the contact. This helps you to prevent the creation of duplicate contacts in your account.

This is validated when a record is saved manually, through a bulk update, integration APIs, or CSV imports.

1) If you have marked either the registration ID or passport ID as unique, records can be created without entering values in the mobile field though it’s marked as unique by default.
2) To remove a field’s uniqueness, you will have to send an email to crm-support@freshworks.com to make it non-unique.
3) If you have removed the uniqueness of a field say passport number, 2 or more records with the same passport number can be created

How do unique fields avoid creating duplicate records? 

If your CRM is handled by multiple users and has multiple contact sources set in place, there is always a likelihood of duplicate records being created. While Freddy helps you detect duplicate records, it is ideal if you can prevent duplicate records from being created in the first place by making fields unique.

What happens to the unique fields on downgrade?

When your account is downgraded to below the Pro plan, the uniqueness applied on a field will be removed and the unique check will be reverted back to the default settings– Mobile Number field on contact and the Name field on accounts.