Connect your email and receive all emails related to your prospects directly to prevent having to switch between your Microsoft 365 mailbox and your web application

  1. Click the Profile icon > Connect email. This opens the Connect Email tab on the profile settings page.  
  2. Click the Microsoft 365 icon.
  3. Choose between 1-way sync or 2-way sync for your emails
    • 2-way sync (This is the default option): Choosing this option to sync both Incoming and Outgoing emails between the Mailbox and the CRM. This is usually recommended as you can access the entire email thread in both your CRM and the primary mailbox.

    • 1-way sync: This option is useful when you want to limit the number of emails that are sent to the web application from the mailbox. If you don’t want the automatic sync of all incoming emails related to your contacts, you can opt 1-way sync.

      The incoming emails received in the mailbox will not be synced automatically. You can use your account's bcc email address to push required emails to the CRM

  4. Click Proceed. This takes you to the Microsoft Single Sign-on page.

  5. Sign-in to your Microsoft account and authenticate the access. This completes the sync between the two accounts. 

Why should I connect Microsoft365 email with IMAP?

Connecting your Microsoft365 email with IMAP has the following benefits: 

  • Better Email limits: You can send sales emails using your Microsoft365 IMAP. However, once the daily sending limits of Microsoft365 are exhausted, you can send emails using custom SMTP provided by your web application for the rest of the day. 

  • Two-way sync: Two-way sync of the Sent folder, emails sent from your web application are written back to your Microsoft365 account and vice-versa.

  • Email aliases: Email aliases added under your Microsoft365 account can be used as FROM addresses.

To connect your Microsoft365 without IMAP

When your Microsoft365 accounts have third-party authentication and do not allow IMAP for legal/security reasons, please raise a ticket or write to We will enable modern authentication for your Microsoft365 account. However, in such a scenario, your web application is subject to the following restrictions on your Microsoft365 account:

  • Mails are sent using custom SMTP.

  • One-way sync of the Sent folder, only from Microsoft365 to your web application.

  • Is not available for EU, AU Data Centres.

  • Email aliases from Microsoft365 will not be fetched.

Note: If you see the message ‘You don’t have permission to connect your email to the CRM’, check with your Administrator and enable the ‘Connect to mailbox’ role.