Note: Workspace is available for users signed up after 23rd June, 2024.  

Freshsales Suite provides access to sales and marketing-specific features in dedicated workspaces for users working in cross-functional teams. Users can switch between Sales or Marketing workspaces based on their work preferences. To switch between the different workspaces, click the Freshsales Suite icon on the top left corner of your screen and choose the workspace you’d like to access.

A user will have access to a single workspace if a role is sales or marketing-only. When a user without access is provided to a marketing or sales feature, an email with an invite to access the respective workspace will be sent.

Based on the workspace selected, features on the left nav bar will change. Features specific to sales such as Deals, Accounts, Conversations, and Dashboards can be accessed from the Sales workspace. Similarly, marketing-specific features such as Campaigns, Journeys, Landing pages, and form-builder will be found under the Marketing workspace.