In our continuous efforts to empower your support team and streamline customer interactions, we're excited to introduce a powerful new feature that allows you to leverage account properties in assignment rules. This enhancement allows you to precisely route conversations to specific agents or groups based on unique criteria, offering a tailored support approach that matches each account's needs.

How it Works:

The process is straightforward and customizable to fit your organization's requirements. Follow these simple steps to make the most of this feature:

Define Custom Account Properties:

Start by identifying the unique criteria that matter most to your support workflow. These could include customer preferences, account type, priority level, or any other attribute relevant to your business. Create custom account properties that capture these details.

Set Up Assignment Rules:

Navigate to your settings and configure rules based on your defined criteria. This step ensures that conversations are routed to the right agents or groups, providing a more targeted and efficient support experience.

1. Go to Admin settings → Conversation Assignment rules

2. Click on Add a new assignment rule

3. Account properties, if added, will be available inside the Filters.

Why it Matters:

Implementing this feature offers several key benefits that directly contribute to improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency:

Tailored Support Approach:

You can tailor your support approach to match each account's unique needs by utilising custom account properties. This level of personalization allows your team to address customer inquiries with a deeper understanding of their specific requirements, leading to more meaningful interactions.

Faster Response Times:

The ability to route conversations to agents or groups based on predefined criteria eliminates the need for manual sorting and assignment. This results in faster response times as support requests are directed to the most qualified individuals or teams without delay.

Enhanced Efficiency: 

Efficiently managing and categorizing conversations based on account properties streamlines your support workflow. This improves response times and optimizes your team's resources by ensuring that each agent handles tasks aligned with their expertise.