Starting June 2024, Google has deprecated and discontinued the legacy FCM APIs, transitioning to the new and improved HTTP v1 API. All accounts using the deprecated FCM legacy APIs must migrate to the HTTP v1 API.

This article provides instructions on how you can migrate from the legacy FCM APIs to HTTP v1 API.

  1. Open your Firebase account and go to Project settings.
  2. Go to the Service Accounts tab. 

    Under Firebase Admin SDK, select Node.js and click Generate new private key.
    You will see a warning message. Click Generate Key to download your private key JSON file.

  3. Log in to your Freshchat account and go to Admin Settings > Mobile SDK.
  4. Click Push Notification and select FCM v1 Auth Token.
  5. Upload the downloaded JSON file.
  6. Ensure all the fields are populated and click Save.
  7. After the file is successfully validated and saved, the new API will be used for sending push notifications.